U-Glow (Fairness Cream) 30 gm


Unifarma Herbals – U-Glow (Fairness Cream)

30 gm @ Rs 69
3 years from the date of manufacturing
To be applied over the face and
affected area twice daily
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Unifarma Herbals – U-Glow (Fairness Cream)

Justification Name: “Help Skin glow with whitening effect”

Composition and Major Functions:

Rosa centifolia (Satapatri): gentle yet effective cleanser that tones, softens and soothes skin while cleansing. The toning effect is helpful in tightening the skin.

Rubia cordifolia (Manjstha): Manjistha is used to help lighten dark spots. Manjistha helps improve skin health. It helps to heal damaged skin tissue and clears dark spots. Manjistha helps in detoxification, removes toxins and helps in blood purification. Used commonly to make the complexion even.

Curcuma longa (Haridra): Turmeric is also known to have a skin tone lightening effect enhancing skin complexion & whitening effect.

Beneficial in:

  • Dull, uneven complexion
  • Dark spots, Scars, marks, Blemishes,
  • Discolored and pigmented skin

(Hyperpigmentation) & Sun burns

Dose: To be applied on face & affected areas twice daily

Direction: Wash Clean the face & neck thoroughly.

Apply U-Glow Cream all over the face and neck in

upward circular motions, twice a day.

Cost:  Rs 69 for 30 gm tube.