Unifarma Herbals Karela Jamun Juice


Unifarma Herbals – Karela Jamun Ras

600 ml @ Rs 329
Best to use within 24 months from date of manufacturing.
15-20 ml twice daily
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Unifarma Herbals Karela Jamun Ras

Beneficial for diabetic patients in controlling blood sugar levels
Unifarma Herbals Karela Jamun Ras offers incredible nutritional benefits for treating multiple disease and extremely beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels
Both Karela and jumun being natural antioxidant helps enhance body defence mechanism and improve the gut from infestation of parasites and worms. and the flavonoids in jamun with potent antioxidant substance combine with the natural acids offers gastro defensive effect . it also accelerates the healing of ulcer
Dosages: 15-20 ml twice daily or as directed by the physician or health practitioner
Packs -600ml