Unifarma Herbals Aloe-Vera Juice



Unifarma Herbals – Aloevera Juice

Nectar for health in NOT-SO- YOUNG
Quantity : 600 ml @ Rs 349
Best to use within 24 months from date of manufacturing.
15-20 ml twice daily
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Unifarma Herbals Aloe Vera Juice

Improves immunity overall health & well-being
Unifarma Herbals Aloe Vera Juice taken twice a day removes toxins, enhances our immune system, maintains a healthy digestion and reduces irritation. it boosts regulation of digestive system and helps in getting both diarrhoea and constipation under control . it lower the high cholesterol ,protect heart ,control diabetes, reduces joint pain and arthritis and also reduces acne and Blemishes . The overall health and well –being gets improved

Aloe Vera juices makes maintains healthy balance between acidity and alkalinity which is influences by the food we eats. Aloe Vera juice makes out inner system more alkaline which reduces effect of acidic stuff we eat.
Dosages: 30-50 ml twice daily or as directed by the physician or health practitioner.
Pack Quantity :-600 ml